So in 2000 she decided to start making them herself. Bot selected ten couples who were prepared to be photographed. They are all older people with harmonious relationships, who’s sex lives are based on love and affection. Marrie Bot photographed them in their own homes, because she wanted to portray their day-to-day domestic eroticism. The photographs in this selection show a wide variety of activities, ages, social backgrounds and physiques. Marrie Bot has worked as an art photographer for over 30 years and often chooses to focus on universal human themes surrounded by some sort of taboo. She conducts a lengthy in-depth exploration of the subject and takes many photographs before publishing the results in a coherent set of words and images. Bot is renowned for her books Miserere (1984), Bezwaard Bestaan (The Burden of Existence, 1988) and Een Laatste Groet (A Last Farewell, 1998). In 1989 she was awarded the Maria Austria Prize for her book The Burden of Existence and in 1990 the Heineken Prize for Art for her entire oeuvre. During the exhibition, Marrie Bot’s book Geliefden – Timeless Love (64 pp., 38 full-colour reproductions) will be on sale at the Museum. It is designed, written (in Dutch and English) and privately published by Marrie Bot herself. Distribution: Ef & Ef, Thorn, ISBN 90-800066-6-1, € 25. Important information concerning the images Copyright: © Marrie Bot, PB 49, 3000 AA Rotterdam, Holland. All rights reserved. Strict agreements have been made with those photographed about the conditions of publication. Because of this, it is expressly prohibited to reproduce, transmit or store in a retrieval system any part of this site in any form or by any means, without prior permission in writing from author and publisher Marrie Bot, Rotterdam, under penalty of prosecution.