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8 APRIL T/M 6 AUGUST 2023 The exhibition School: In Love, Bored & Overslept is a photographic journey through 150 years of education and a trip down memory lane back to everyone’s own school days. To zoom in on what makes this period of our lives so unforgettable, this exhibition brings together 150 years of photographs of schools. Despite criticism of the state of Dutch education, the photographs...

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Strike a Pose

Mondrian and Photography 14 Jan - 21 May 2023 Piet Mondrian was keenly aware that photography is a powerful means of presenting yourself. It is striking that, in the numerous professional photographs taken of him throughout his career, he always seems to be posing. For example, he was once photographed in his studio in Amsterdam in a pensive pose, sitting on his bed, reading a book. In this...

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Arko Datto

Kings of a Bereft Land 14 Jan - 21 May 2023 As a resident of Kolkata, Indian photographer Arko Datto feels the threat of climate change every day. In the nearby Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna delta, the ground is literally disappearing beneath the inhabitants’ feet. Their houses are being carried away by the sea, which is claiming more and more land. In his series Where Do We Go When the Final Wave...

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Iris Sikking appointed new curator at the Fotomuseum Den Haag

The appointment of Iris Sikking enriches the team of curators at the Fotomuseum Den Haag. Together with fellow curator Willemijn van der Zwaan, Sikking will be responsible for the exhibitions programme and the photography collection. Curator Wim van Sinderen will retire at the beginning of 2023. Sikking has many years of experience as a freelance photography curator, lecturer and writer and was...

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