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Artist portraits

19 June to 12 December 2021 Kunstmuseum Den Haag’s photography collection includes dozens of portraits of artists, ranging from images commissioned by newspapers or magazines, to intimate portraits taken by close friends or loved ones. The Hague Museum of Photography will be showing a small selection from this collection in Artist Portraits, which will include work by Emmy Andriesse, Paul Citroen...

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Jeroen Hofman

Island Moved to 2022 ‘There’s a particular point above ground where you can no longer hear the people down below, and you can’t quite reach the birds above. Complete isolation like that sharpens my senses.’ Photographer Jeroen Hofman always works in a crane about 20 metres up in the air. It allows him to express his fascination with the layers in landscapes. He not only shows the banks of a river...

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Popel Coumou

Paper and Light 7 November 2020 – 3 October 2021 Artist and photographer Popel Coumou (b. 1978) plays in her work with the main elements of photography: light, paper and perception of reality. By carefully lighting her collages she manages to give the paper relief a third dimension, bringing the flat surface to life. In a space with tall windows depth is created by the sunlight shining in, a...

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Helena van der Kraan - Bear & Teddy

Helena van der Kraan Bear & Teddy 1 June 2020 t/m 18 April 2021 Many of us had a teddy bear as kids. A friend you took with you everywhere. You probably even gave it a name, like Bear or Teddy, making the relationship even more personal. So it is no surprise that in psychology a teddy bear is regarded as an important transition object, supporting the child as it explores the world. Helena van der...

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