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Laura Hospes

In Laura Hospes’s first solo museum exhibition, we can almost touch her skin. In her work, Hospes (NL, 1994) painstakingly explores her complicated relationship with her own body. She visually dissects it in her photographs, videos, installations and performances, ruthlessly capturing every detail. She sculpts and manipulates her body by assuming contorted postures and by applying materials such...

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Rob Hornstra - Ordinary People

9 December 2023 - 17 March 2024 In the retrospective exhibition Ordinary People, Fotomuseum Den Haag offers a fresh look at the work of Dutch photographer Rob Hornstra (1975). Over the last twenty years, Hornstra has created a human portrait of his own time by photographing people in their everyday situations, with a focus on Russia and Europe. Everywhere he goes, he looks for everyday scenes...

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Boris Mikhailov

Ukrainian Diary 30 March - 18 August 2024 Ukrainian Diary is the largest retrospective exhibition in the Netherlands devoted to the Ukrainian photographer and artist Boris Mikhailov (1938). Since the 1960s, Mikhailov has been one of the few artists to create a compelling picture of the tumultuous changes in his country. He deliberately employs ‘bad photography’ – the conscious avoidance of...

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Chris Killip - Retrospective

In this retrospective exhibition of the British photographer Chris Killip (1946-2020), Fotomuseum Den Haag presents the work of a great photographer who is still relatively unknown to the general public. Chris Killip is considered one of the most influential post-war British photographers, praised for his empathetic and, above all, honest documentary vision. This survey brings together more than...

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