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Homage to Paul Blanca

Following an eventful life, the Dutch photographer Paul Blanca died in October 2021 in Amsterdam, where he was born in 1958 as Paul Vlaswinkel. A photographer who achieved fame in the 1980s for provocative self-portraits and was mentioned in the same breath as Erwin Olaf and Robert Mapplethorpe. A photograph of Mickey Mouse carved into his back (1986) is considered one of the icons of Dutch...

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Robert Knoth en Antoinette de Jong

TREE AND SOIL 19 March - 14 August 2022 Please note: changed traffic conditions at the museum Dutch artistic duo Robert Knoth (b. 1963) and Antoinette de Jong (1964) made several trips to Fukushima in Japan shortly after a tsunami had caused a nuclear disaster there on 11 March 2011. They wanted to see with their own eyes what impact this event had had on the region and talk to people who lived...

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Foto Americain – Who are we?

In 1987 photographer and filmmaker Ernst Lalleman (b. 1965) found six boxes containing 234 colour negatives among the rubble and litter in a vacant building in The Hague. For years he treasured these negatives, which turned out to be portraits taken at the Foto Americain studio in 1959 and 1960. The subjects all turned out looking their very best for their portraits. They include newlyweds, young...

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16 October 2021 to 6 March 2022 It’s the margins of society and the darker side of the human spirit that have always fascinated the world-famous photographer and artist Roger Ballen (an American who lives and works in the South African city of Johannesburg). Ballen came to international notice in 1994 with his black-and-white photo series Platteland. The images showed the grim reality of life for...

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