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Richard Learoyd

The Mystique of the Camera Obscura 5 October 2019 to 5 January 2020 How often do you take a selfie or a snapshot of someone else with your phone? In the current digital age, you can make a portrait in a fraction of a second and keep clicking endlessly until you have the perfect photograph. Photographer Richard Learoyd (Nelson, UK, 1966) makes life-size portraits with long exposure times using a...

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Marwan Bassiouni

New Ducth Views 25 May – 1 September 2019 For his series New Dutch Views photographer Marwan Bassiouni (b. 1985, Switzerland) travelled the polders, industrial estates, villages, town centres and suburbs of the Netherlands, photographing the landscape from the windows of mosques. Rugs with oriental and Islamic motifs, walls with colourful floral patterns, plus radiators, Venetian blinds and...

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Gerco de Ruijter

Grid Corrections 25 May – 1 September 2019 Artist-photographer Gerco de Ruijter (b. 1961, Vianen) has been exploring the landscape since the mid-1980s, picturing the world from unusual perspectives by attaching his camera to kites, balloons and fishing rods. In De Ruijter’s mysterious and almost abstract landscapes, the human scale competes with nature, and familiarity goes hand in hand with...

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Isabella Rozendaal

Isabella Hunts What does the concept of wilderness mean to modern humans? And what does it mean to be part of the food chain in an industrialised society? Photographer and writer Isabella Rozendaal (b. 1983) has been exploring these questions since 2007, following hunters in a range of cultures. She never shies from confrontation: with death, with the human capacity for destruction, with the harsh...

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